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First Surface Mirror

A first surface mirror, also known as a front surface mirror, is an optical grade mirror which provides superior reflection for engineering and scientific applications. Unlike a standard mirror, which is coated on the second surface of the glass, a first surface mirror provides a true reflection with no double image.

Laminate Optical Mirror
Beamsplitter Mirror

Beamsplitter Mirror

The optical grade beamsplitter coating provides the highest quality on the market, allowing light to pass through with minimal tint. On the backside of the glass is an antireflective coating which prevents a double reflection, also known as “ghosting.” The dielectric mirror coating provides a crisp, easy-to-see reflection of text, graphics, and objects.

Scientific Precision FSM

Custom optics are sometimes advertised as not only possessing high accuracy, but also as inexpensive; as if both were simultaneously achievable. In the world of optics, you get what you pay for. λ/4 wave first surface mirrors offer superior quality compared to other first surface mirrors on the market. The enhanced flatness is achieved by polishing float glass extensively before coating. Typically, most manufacturers offer float glass, which is 4-6λ per inch. The difference is immediately noticeable under magnification. The production of a high-quality optical component is an exacting process, requiring a high level of skill, quality equipment, engineering expertise, and close attention to detail.

Semiconductor Mirror
Ultraviolet Optical Mirror

UV Enhanced FSM

UV enhanced first surface mirrors are optimized for high reflection from 10-400nm. Ultraviolet light is more susceptible to scattering than visible or IR light, therefore the surface must be free of imperfections. The manufacture of our mirrors is precise and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum light transmission without distortion.

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We exist to make your job easier. Convenient online ordering and fast turnaround cut lead times to a fraction of other companies. In 15+ years, we have seen many clients switch to us due to the frustration of long lead times, slow support, phone tag, broken shipments, and missed deadlines. Don’t waste time having to complete unnecessary forms, leaving voicemail messages, and lengthy ordering processes. We have engineers standing by to answer your calls, and we are ready to start cutting and shipping your order immediately, often on the same day! In addition to our fast lead times, we have a quality control system in place to ensure elite optical quality and precision cutting of our mirrors. 

Optical Mirror Academy

Engineers, scientists, and hobbyists can tune into our free video lessons and contact us for advice for projects. We publish topics such as how to clean optics, glass cutting techniques, and how to use our mirrors.

Product List

Glass First Surface Mirror

1 wave per inch flatness

λ/4 Glass First Surface Mirror

1/4 wave per inch flatness

λ/8 Glass First Surface Mirror

1/8 wave per inch flatness

Chemically Strengthened

Chemically hardened glass is 10x stronger

UV Enhanced

Offers superior reflection for 10-400nm light

Beamsplitter Mirror

Semi-transparent mirror

How We Ship

Worldwide Shipping

Mirrors measuring 24″ x 36″ and smaller can be packaged for FedEx international shipping. Rates are calculated online.

Expert Packaging

We use specialized packaging techniques and fully insure each order we ship from our factory.

Engineered Crates

Large mirrors are custom crated and fully insured for shipment via freight. Please let us know if you need a liftgate delivery or an international quote.


How We Cut

Mirrors are custom cut and shipped out with a cutting tolerance of +/- 1/16″. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need a higher precision. We sand the edges for safety. 

Feel free to order mirror samples online to test the quality before making a larger mirror purchase.

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