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FSM Pricing & Ordering

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λ/4 wave first surface mirror glass offers superior precision compared to other first surface mirrors on the market. λ/4 flatness is achieved by producing glass , then coating with aluminum and the protective overcoat. Typically, what most of our competitors offer is simply on float glass, which is 4-6λ per inch. To the naked eye, the two mirrors look the same, but the quality of the λ/4 is immediately noticeable under magnification. The production of a high-quality optical component is an exacting process, requiring a high level of skill, quality equipment, and close attention to detail.



λ/4 Wave Flatness

When this glass is manufactured it is selected from standard float glass and polished to achieve superior flatness.


True Reflection

Applications for a glass first surface mirror require a true reflection with no ghosting effect, also known as front surface mirrors.


96% Reflective

The enhanced aluminum mirror coating allows for a high reflection over a large wavelength range. See the wavechart for more detail.


Custom Sizes

We can cut and ship any size smaller than 70.886″ X 52.756″ and can ship across the globe! There is no minimum order to check out online.

Order a Sample

λ/4 Wave Glass First Surface Mirror – 5mm Thickness $29.95   
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