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So you bought this amazing film scanner from Nikon back in 2003 ( or you bought it second hand recently) and now you’re having issues! Maybe the quality of the scan has gone down significantly, or maybe you’re receiving the error message ” HARDWARE FAILURE” or ” FAILURE TO PERFORM AUTO FOCUS” or worst case- it’s not working at all! So what’s next?

Do you throw away this $1500 film scanner away? No way!We know what’s wrong and we’re here to help! Enter today’s villain: YOUR SCANNER’S MIRROR!

In each scanner, there is a small mirror that controls the quality of your scanned photos. This mirror can become stained with finger prints, mold, dust and more! It can also be scratched, depending on how it has been previously handled. Once this happens, your scanner will start acting up or even refuse to work.

The fix for this is easy! Remove the old mirror and replace it with a glass first surface mirror with 1/8 inch thickness (using gloved hands! We don’t want smudges!).

AND TADA! Your $1500 scanner can be fixed for less than $50 and twenty minutes of your time!

Now, time to get back to your film photography!

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